Celsius online is an independent studio creating video games, websites and mobile apps since 2004. The secret of our longevity? Our passion, the satisfaction of our customers and demanding games constantly evolving.

  • Renaissance Kingdoms

    Free Massively Multiplayer Management and Role-Playing Game

    For more than ten years, the internationally acclaimed Renaissance Kingdoms has been translated in 26 languages and become the first massively multiplayer role playing browser game in Europe. In this persistent world simulation of 15th century Europe, you play a character taking part in the economical, political and social life of his/her village, county and kingdom in Renaissance Kingdoms.

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  • Mutant genetic gladiators

    mobile, tablet and Facebook game

    Become the ultimate psy captain!
    Compete against other players from around the world and be victorious to climb the ladder and win magnificent prizes. In the battle, team up with your friends to build a strong selection of allies to call to help your team.

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  • The Werewolves of Millers Hollow Online

    web and mobile

    The official online adaptation of the popular board game "The Werewolves of Millers Hollow"
    Nothing seems out of place in the quiet and ordinary village of Millers Hollow, but each night, some villagers turn into vicious werewolves, ready to eat up other innocent villagers. Whose side are you on?

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  • Celsius Heroes

    mobile, tablet and Facebook game

    This web-based game is a midcore game, using puzzle game combat mechanics within a true, old-school RPG with a riveting story, dialogues and heroes. Will you be able to save the world of Acilion?

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  • Primal Legends

    mobile, tablet and Facebook game

    Assemble an army to fight through the world of Theria and duel players in real time! Become Legend!

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  • Voyage to Fantasy

    mobile, tablet and Facebook game

    It’s a new kind of hidden object game on Facebook, iPad and Android tablet. Take up the challenge and embark on a Voyage to Fantasy, the most beautiful and challenging hidden object game!

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  • Best Web Game 2014

    March of History

    Free Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game

    Mixing real-time strategy, management and diplomacy, March of History takes you in Medieval Europe where you play a noble family intent on perpetuating the name of their House through the sound and the fury of History, from year 1000 A.D. to the nuclear bomb.

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Our skills

Project Management

Thanks to our agile methods, our reactivity and how we always meet our deadlines, we escort our customers step by step from the expression of needs up to the choice of the best digital strategy. For 11 years, big brands and prestigious institutions have recognized our professionnalism and our will to serve.

Webdesign and Ergonomics

A website or an application must not only be aesthetically pleasing but must also offer successful interactions to the user. The websites and contents of our customers must be accessible to all and everywhere, on all supports (Responsive Design) and browsing must be both a pleasant and efficient experience for the user.

Innovation and Web Development

If we are able to offer to our customers scalable apps and websites which stand the test of time, this is because we always make sure to be at the forefront of technology thanks to our Research & Development activities. In 2013, we registered a patent for one of our many JavaScript technologies. We are pioneers in the use and development of cross-platfom technologies, allowing us to develop at once on the Web, on tablets and on smartphones (Apple, Android, etc.).